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Trends and innovation are fast-moving targets that require constantly evolving approaches to keep up with changing consumer and business values. I’m committed to helping you discover new opportunities toachieve market success.

Generative AI White Paper

Timely new insights from Toolhacker founder Michael Tchong

Generative AI is a new-age white paper brimming with mind-bending insights into shifts of business and consumer behavior. In a world that urgently demands more innovation, it’s crucial to master the tidal wave of AI technology engulfing society. For much more information, check out the Toolhacker White Paper page.

Generative AI Cover and Inside Spread

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Innovator Hall of Shame

According to LinkedIn, there are nearly 10,000 chief innovation officers around the globe. And there probably are an equal amount of transformational speakers who ply the “innovation catalyst” trade. And let’s not start with all the consultants....

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Canceling cable or satellite television subscriptions in favor of streaming services, dubbed cord-cutting, has become a significant trend. The flexibility and relative affordability of streaming, coupled with a desire for more personalized...

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Hearing Aids Disruption

Conversation Clear Plus hearing aid

A new FDA ruling has opened up the hearing aids market to over-the-counter devices that do not require a prescription or custom fitting, guaranteed to disrupt the industry with new innovations.

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