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Tiny House Kit Goes Viral, Sells Out

May 10, 2019 | Trends

We have been major proponents of the small homes trend, and probably the only research firm to make a market in this emerging sector. Earlier this month, a tiny house kit, sold on Amazon of course, was discovered on social media and instantly went viral.

The Allwood Solvalla 172-square-foot studio cabin, or garden house, kit retails for $7,250, building materials included. Common items, such as electricity or a bathroom, are extra. These tiny home kits are shipped in a big crate and delivery takes three to five weeks.

Expect this trend to accelerate in the near future. Meanwhile, the median square footage of a new, single-family home reached 2,355 in 2018. To see a gallery of both kit homes and a few outstanding upgrade examples, click this post’s title.

Tiny House Kit and Custom Backyard Homes

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