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Aug 15, 2017 | Innovation

As you may have read, microcurrent innovation is all the rage in health and beauty. If you’re wondering when the day will arrive that your skin regimen involves using an iPhone app, wonder no more that day is here. ZIIP ($495) uses electrical currents to stimulate a skin chemical called adenosine triphosphate, which biologists describe as the “energy currency of life.”

ZIIP is an FDA-cleared device that stimulates the skin using small energy vibrations that flow through positive- and negatively-charged discs. To use it, apply ZIIP’s Golden Gel and then select a desired treatment from your iPhone app to re-energize your skin. ZIIP was developed by Montecito, Calif.-based esthetician Melanie Simon, who specializes in “nano” treatments to repair skin cells.

While the device and replacement gel ($129) are pricey, the results are well worth it. Charlotte’s Book includes it in its list of “Gadgets We Like (And Don ’t Like).” Town & Country Beauty Director Jamie Rosen considers it a skincare must-have. Allure’s Lexi Novak gives the device a thorough, and funny, review and concludes that ZIIP made her face feel “delightfully soft and luminous.”

ZIIP • 182 Howard St. #151 • San Francisco, CA 94105

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