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Skydio 2 Ups the Drone Innovation Ante

Oct 18, 2019 | Innovation

Skydio has launched a new version of its Skydio drone and it’s a revolutionary innovation, complete with its own “launch box.” One YouTuber, bakerXderek, rendered this verdict, “flying has never been this easy.”

Skydio cut the price of its first-generation drone from $2,500 to $1,000 and now delivers that same high-caliber of unshakeable GPS tracking. Skydio 2 will keep its cameras, now six of them, all 4K, on you, even if the smart drone can’t see you.

Skydio has also launched a motorized charging box to make its self-flying drone truly autonomous:

Read The Verge’s take: SKYDIO 2: THE SELF-FLYING FUTURE OF DRONES STARTS AT $999. Their tagline: “The drone a three-year-old could fly.”

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