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How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future

A tsunami is coming. And the world is unprepared. Ubertrends lets you dive into eight huge waves that are crashing into the future. It’s a data-based study of the fast-flowing currents of change caused by technology, evolving consumer expectations and disruptive innovations — the result of an intersection of eight Ubertrend forces that are transforming society in profound ways.

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Ubertrends is a new-age textbook full of mind-bending insights into shifts in consumer behavior. In a world that urgently demands more innovation, it’s crucial to master the tidal wave of value changes engulfing society.

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“American author Katherine Anne Porter once wrote: ‘If you don’t aim for the stars you’ll never hit the bell tower.’ You aim for the stars, and I hear bells ringing all the time.”

Arynne Simon, Speechwriter, Personal Coach and Team Builder

The language of the trend space is over-supplied by hype merchants, charlatans, imposters and purveyors of snake oil. Make no mistake, Michael Tchong is the original visionary, the guru, the beta digital anthropologist. Tchong has effortlessly predicted the disruption of the 21st century, charting the ongoing course of human evolution. He is the messiah — capturing techno-anthropology, digital ethnography, cyber anthropology, and virtual anthropology. Each of his published reports, spanning the last 20 years, has been the most accurate in the trend spotting. He continues to chart the growing harmonization and integration of technologies which are transforming both the way consumers behave and how businesses need to operate.

Mark Borkowski

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