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Panic Playdate

Panic, a 20-year-old Mac software company, has made a major splash announcing its first hardware device. Playdate is a bright-yellow handheld gaming console with a monochrome screen that was co-developed with Swedish design firm Teenage...


If the tech behind is any indication, AI is going to disrupt the visual sciences. A few days ago, The New York Times wondered if ethical A.I. is even possible. That’s not a rhetorical...

Saks Fifth Avenue ConBody

The Amazon Factor will lead to as many as 8,600 store closings in 2017. Retailers have three options: Close up shop, innovate, or change and become a discount retailer, which, as Costco and Ross Stores...


As you may have read, microcurrent innovation is all the rage in health and beauty. If you’re wondering when the day will arrive that your skin regimen involves using an iPhone app, wonder no more...

ASUS ZenBook 3

A slender gadget that exudes ultimate sophistication; the ASUS ZenBook 3 ($1999) is a true marvel sculpted to perfection. This slender damsel in cocktail blue has edges adorned in golden, giving the laptop a hint...


In 1982, Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell ignited the boutique hotel trend with the opening of Morgans on Madison Avenue, which boasted the design touches of French designer Andrée Putman. Schrager is once again disrupting...


Airbnb has ushered in the concept of “home optimization,” offering homeowners the same opportunity to boost cash flow the major airlines have enjoyed for years, a disruptive innovation. The option of staying in someone’s private...

Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Sphero, best known for its two-year-old BB-8 gadget made famous by The Force Awakens, is launching an innovative remote car. Ultimate Lightning McQueen ($300) is another result of Sphero’s collaboration with Disney and is based...

What Is Innovation?

We are in the midst of an era of sweeping change, with major challenges to address, such as poverty, and new planets to explore, like Mars. With all of the recurring talk of change and...


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