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Celebrity Worship Syndrome

One third of Americans are obsessed with celebrities, leading to a modern affliction dubbed Celebrity Worship Syndrome. This voyeurgasmic trend has accelerated since the arrival of smartphones and digital cameras.

Control Enthusiast

Here’s another fascinating lifestyle phenomenon: Control Enthusiasm. Spurred by a freedom from wires, and used to instant gratification offered by digital devices, consumers are demanding ever more control and thereby becoming difficult to please.

Bystander Recordings

Bystander recordings, a trend that began in 1963 with the Zapruder film of Kennedy’s assassination and Rodney King’s beating in 1991, has gone mainstream due to the the arrival of smartphones and YouTube.


The popularity of innovation has skyrocketed since 1939, when Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter defined innovation as an expression of intellectual creativity undertaken without considering its economic impact.

3D Printing Homes

A 3D printing revolution has vaulted this once arcane technology from industrial prototyping to the glamorous world of footwear design and single-family home building, providing a significant boost to a $13 billion market.


Startups are society’s most disruptive forces, explaining the urgency of incubating ventures among the more than half billion entrepreneurs worldwide. It’s also why U.S. and global venture-capital investing is setting new records.


Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that allows the transmission of digital assets while dispensing with the need for trusted third parties. It’s the fundamental technology layer of all cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

KLM Flying V Jet

Dutch airline KLM, working with researchers at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, has launched the Flying V jet concept, named after an iconic Gibson guitar featuring a similar shape.


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