“I help you catch the next wave before it catches you.”

— Michael Tchong - Motivational Speaker - Innovation, Trends, Technology

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Chili’s General Manager Conference

On September 24, Michael entertained 1,500 Chili’s franchise operators and top management, which was a great success, as this video vividly shows.

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Michael is a transformational catalyst who inspires audiences globally with spellbinding insights into the changing consumer culture. You can view videos of his trademark roller-coaster rides through the “landscape of now” here.

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“The successful companies of tomorrow will address the changing business and consumer values of today.”

— Michael Tchong

Michael’s Books Speak Volumes

Like his presentations, Michael’s books are truly state of the art. Each pièce de résistance is massively data-based, thoroughly researched, gorgeously designed and beautifully illustrated with hundreds of photographs, charts and cartoons. This is not diarrhea of the mind as most books tend to be. Social Engagement Marketing features no less than 202 social media vendors, each carefully dissected for their features, or lack thereof.

Trendscape 2004

Trendscape 2004 by Michael Tchong

Trends come. Trends go. The only constant is change. Trendscape 2004 is designed for those who suffer from a gnawing suspicion that, somehow, they’re missing out. Staying on top of trends can be a daunting task. Managing long reading lists while googling endlessly is a significant time drain. That’s why Michael wrote Trendscape 2004. It’s designed to keep readers au courant. While you might think a book about trends would be outdated quickly, the truth is most trends don’t change that fast, particularly massive waves hat Michael dubs “Ubertrends.”
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Social Engagement Marketing

Social Engagement Marketing

The social dialog propelled by social media’s revolutionary digital platforms that are reinventing consumer interaction. This trend is leading to a new marketing discipline, one analyst and inspirational speaker Michael Tchong dubs “social engagement marketing.” This explains why Michael created an innovative book with the same title. “It’s not about the media,” says Michael, “it’s about engaging a whole new generation of consumers and business executives, whose values are being reshaped almost daily by their new-found social dialog.”
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Sub-titled “How Trends and Innovation Are Transforming Our Future,” Michael’s third book, “Ubertrends,” will graphically document the extent to which eight Ubertrend forces are ruling society today, and what innovations those trends are driving. This data-based tour de force, to be published this fall, will help readers connect the dots, providing more context for how the future is unfolding.

Get Your Audience Inspired In Minutes

Businesses and consumers alike demand more innovation today. Michael’s breathtaking tour of the “landscape of now” shows how innovative companies are strategically leveraging trends in food, healthcare, hospitality, lifestyle, real estate, retailing, technology and travel. This cross-disciplinary exposé of the leading edge will help spur innovation within your organization.

New! 2016 Ubertrends Infographic

Michael has created a framework of eight “Ubertrends” that are the driving forces behind a vast majority of transformations taking place in society today. An Ubertrend is a massive wave cascading through society, leaving many subtrends in its wake. Unlike typical trends, Ubertrends change values in the population, which explains why technology is contributing to permanent behavioral changes in society. During his talks, Michael connects the dots for attendees, helping them better understand the future. The downloadable Ubertrends Infographic PDF below does the same for five out of the eight Ubertrends Michael tracks.
New Feature: All cited data is hyperlinked.

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Speaking Testimonials

From the U.K.’s Telegraph, which called Michael “America’s most influential trendspotter” in 2003, to a host of attendees at his presentations, Michael has received much acclaim for his presentation style. The testimonials below were supplied by persons afflilated with the client organization — their name, title or job may have changed.

Much Wisdom

“The members really enjoyed you. You were a great speaker and showed much wisdom.”
— Howard Brodsky, CEO, Carpet One

Woke Me Up!

“Michael, thank you for the wonderful keynote and for waking me up!”
— Andrea Hadley, Director, Internet Marketing Conference

Entertaining and Engaging

“Michael was entertaining and engaging and brought a lot of substance to our meeting.”
— Jon Luther, Chairman and CEO, Dunkin’ Donuts

Fresh Perspective

“Michael has the unique ability to engage entertain and energize an audience, getting them to re-look at their business, industry and consumer with a fresh perspective. Highly recommended!”
— Craig Spiezle, Executive Director, Online Trust Alliance Forum


“It was a pleasure to work with you again on this year’s Social Media & Community 2.0 Conference. Your keynote was fantastic, as always, and I look forward to future events.”
— Stacy Levyn, Director, Conference Producer, Institute for International Research/IIR USA

Love His Attitude

“Michael is entertaining, humorous, full of high energy and presents the real truth that is easy to understand and relates to every single person in everyday life. I have seen him twice and at every event I learn more and more about the trends and where we need to go to succeed in our business. I love his attitude!”
— Bernice Brubeck Wong, Realtor, 2011 AREAA National Convention

Stunned and Energized

“Michael Tchong is a world class futurist, trendcaster and speaker. He left our audience simultaneously stunned and energized by his incredible presentation of the acceleration in technology and social media.”
— Joni Doolin, CEO, People Report Best Practices Conference

Challenging Our Thinking

“Michael offered compelling insights into the trends of global society, challenging our thinking about how to serve tomorrow’s customers. His style is entertaining and engaging.”
— Jay Witzel, President and CEO, Carlson Hotels Worldwide Regent Hotels

Funny and Irreverent

Spot-on, funny and occasionally irreverent, Michael was easily the highest rated speaker at our Leadership Summit. I’m sure we’ll bring him back to NAR again, as I look forward to hearing him a third time!”
— Janet Branton, Senior Vice President, National Association of REALTORS

Created Buzz

“Michael, you created a buzz that reverberated throughout the Symposium. You not only are an expert extraordinaire on trends but you deliver your message in a fun, engaging, mind-expanding style. Many simply stated: WOW!”
— Tom Costello, Director, Hospitality Industry Management Program
University of San Francisco

Broaden Perspective

“Michael helped our Planning Leadership Team broaden our perspective before entering a two-year planning cycle. As we are consumed with operating and executing in the present, Michael helped us to look into the future implications for our business.”
— Cliff Robinson, Vice President, Field Operations, Chick-fil-A Inc.

Future Consumer Landscape

“Michael not only grabs you from the beginning with his entertaining and energetic style, but he brings insight about the future consumer landscape like no one else I have ever heard.”
— Clayton Reid, President, The Vail Summit

Great Visuals

“Michael was terrific. He kept the audience laughing and in awe of the new technology he discussed. People thought he was the best presenter! They are still talking about him. I wanted everyone to say WOW and they did. He is very high energy and had great visuals!”
— Shirley Hastings, Professor and Associate Dean, University of Tennessee


“What a treat it was to have you attend and speak at our annual meeting last week. You were a positive addition to our presentations and we have received numerous compliments. Not only was your material fresh and interesting, but your delivery was dynamic and entertaining.”
— Cami Mattson, President & CEO, San Diego North Convention & Visitors Bureau


“Thanks for the warm, humorous way you opened our first Clio Interactive Advertising Awards Gala. It was a memorable launch and because of your efforts and support, left a very favorable impression with the digital community. As I suspected, you have a gift for waking up an audience — not only in print but in person.”
— Andrew Jaffe, Executive Director, CLIO Awards

Rapt Audiences

“Michael presents consumer trends to a very senior audience of brand owners with an engaging, thought-provoking presentation style that holds audiences rapt. I highly recommend Michael as a delightful departure from typical dry conference sessions.”
— Pat Benkner, CMP, Director of Event Planning, Edgell Communications

Truly Amazing

“Your keynote address to the hotel owners and guests of Vantage Hospitality was truly amazing and the timing couldn’t have been better.”
— Roger Bloss, CEO, Founder, President, Vantage Hospitality Group, Inc.

Thought Provoking

“Your presentation was informative, humorous and thought-provoking. Attendees of our conference found the information you provided extremely useful and many are making budget changes to increase their Internet advertising spends. In fact, we’ve closed several large deals as the result of the seminars and your presentation.”
— Kristin Asleson, Vice President Strategic Marketing, mPlayer.com

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Increased global competition and the velocity of time urgently require that executives and professionals remain on top of fast-moving trends. Using an insightful exploration of events and phenomena that are shape-shifting our world, Michael contextualizes a host of data blips to greatly improve the understanding of today’s market dynamics.

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