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Today, businesses and consumers alike demand more innovation. Michael Tchong’s exhilarating tour of the “landscape of now” shows how innovative companies are strategically leveraging trends in food, healthcare, hospitality, lifestyle, real estate, retailing, technology and travel. This cross-disciplinary exposé of the leading edge will help spur innovation within your organization.

A truly amazing speaker

One client called Michael “amazing.” The UK’s Telegraph labeled him “the most influential trendspotter in America.” Four ahead-of-the-wave startups demonstrate Michael’s ability to decode the future and challenge the status quo.

Thought Provoking

A professional people watcher and cultural anthropologist, Michael specializes in the evolution of humanity due to the sweeping impact of “Ubertrends” — his proprietary framework of massive waves that are reshaping global human behavior.

Finger on the pulse

Michael is a professor at the University of San Francisco and UC Berkeley, where he teaches how to interpret the dynamics of Ubertrends and their human value changes and how to leverage these tectonic shifts to create breakthrough innovations.

Chili’s General Manager Conference

On September 24, 2015, Michael entertained 1,500 Chili’s franchise operators and top management. His talk was a great success, as this video vividly shows.

“The successful companies of tomorrow will address the changing business and consumer values of today.”

— Michael Tchong

Client Testimonials

From the U.K.’s Telegraph, which called Michael “America’s most influential trendspotter,” to a host of conference attendees, Michael has received much acclaim for his delivery style. Discover why people like to hire Michael from the quotes below.

“Engaging, inspirational, educational, futuristic and ‘crying out loud’ funny are just a few things our attendees told us about Michael. He had us laughing and hanging on his every word as he gave us a glimpse into what the future could hold and the role we all will play in it.”

— Dom Perry, Senior Director, Ops Services, Chili’s

Much Wisdom

“The members really enjoyed you. You were a great speaker and showed much wisdom.”
— Howard Brodsky, CEO, Carpet One

Woke Me Up!

“Michael, thank you for the wonderful keynote and for waking me up!”
— Andrea Hadley, Director, Internet Marketing Conference

Entertaining and Engaging

“Michael was entertaining and engaging and brought a lot of substance to our meeting.”
— Jon Luther, Chairman and CEO, Dunkin’ Donuts

Stunned and Energized

“Michael Tchong is a world class futurist, trendcaster and speaker. He left our audience simultaneously stunned and energized by his incredible presentation of the acceleration in technology and social media.”
— Joni Doolin, CEO, People Report Best Practices Conference

Challenging Our Thinking

“Michael offered compelling insights into the trends of global society, challenging our thinking about how to serve tomorrow’s customers. His style is entertaining and engaging.”
— Jay Witzel, President and CEO, Carlson Hotels Worldwide Regent Hotels

Funny and Irreverent

Spot-on, funny and occasionally irreverent, Michael was easily the highest rated speaker at our Leadership Summit. I’m sure we’ll bring him back to NAR again, as I look forward to hearing him a third time!”
— Janet Branton, Senior Vice President, National Association of REALTORS

Great Visuals

“Michael was terrific. He kept the audience laughing and in awe of the new technology he discussed. People thought he was the best presenter! They are still talking about him. I wanted everyone to say WOW and they did. He is very high energy and had great visuals!”
— Shirley Hastings, Professor and Associate Dean, University of Tennessee

Truly Amazing

“Your keynote address to the hotel owners and guests of Vantage Hospitality was truly amazing and the timing couldn’t have been better.”
— Roger Bloss, CEO, Founder, President, Vantage Hospitality Group, Inc.

Broaden Perspective

“Michael helped our Planning Leadership Team broaden our perspective before entering a two-year planning cycle. As we are consumed with operating and executing in the present, Michael helped us to look into the future implications for our business.”
— Cliff Robinson, Vice President, Field Operations, Chick-fil-A Inc.

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“I help you catch the next wave before it catches you.”

— Michael Tchong - Inspirational Speaker - Innovation, Trends, Technology